Inspiration from dreams…?

September 30, 2009

Last night I dreamed that Ricky Gervais was Hitler, and I was his personal secretary.

It was a terrifying dream, but I thought Ricky Gervais as Hitler was inspired casting. Well done, subconscious!

I also dreamed that we had a new Labour leader. That was a lovely dream. Not true, alas.

Anyway – my subconscious is much more interesting than my conscious at times. The plots of my dreams are so brilliant, but the plots I come up with for books aren’t quite as exciting (or rather,¬†bizarre). Maybe I should go out on a limb a bit more…


September 24, 2009

Like everyone else who’s ever worked in publishing, I’ve decided that the obvious way to become rich and famous is to write a novel. Clearly, my novel is going to be effortless to write and amazing to read, and I’ll have no problem finding an agent or a publisher. In a few years, my novel will probably also become a hit movie. My plan CANNOT FAIL.

Only trouble is, I haven’t written anything yet. Not entirely sure where to start with this writing malarky. Some background:¬†I am actually a professional writer. I write children’s books for a publishing company. But I’d really like to write my own stuff. Preferably funny stuff, or romantic stuff. Really, I’d like to write like Hanif Kureishi or Sarah Waters. Or a strange, mutant combination of the two.

So, I’ll be charting my progress in this blog.

I might be writing about dancing and lesbianism, too, seeing as I’m interested in those. Might put them into my best-selling novel. WHO KNOWS?